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Prussia x Reader - You are my maid 2
Chapter 2
“So (name), please take care of yourself from now on and when you are finished with your bath you have to wear the clothes I prepared for you on your bed. When you are finished please ring the bell.” Sophie said at the other end of the door.
“Yes Sophie, thank you!” You said with flushed cheeks.
You’ve never had set a foot in such a bathroom before in your life. There was a white bathtub with golden ornaments on it and a beautiful faucet in form of a sea creature. You stepped on the cold marble tiles and looked in the mirror.
‘I really don’t belong here. I don’t understand my whole situation yet… it’s all so very weird what happened today. The king is very weird…who would do what he just did?! Oh look at my hair – it is not as beautiful as the hair of all the girls I’ve spotted on the way to this room and I feel dirty in the presence of them.’
You were really not satisfied with yourself…
:icontana-jo:TaNa-Jo 38 20
Prussia x Reader Lemon- You're my maid - chapter 1
Prussia x Reader
"You are my maid"
Author's note : Please don't mind my English, it is not my first language. And YES there will be a LEMON in this story but not in the coming chapter- I try to keep it realistic here ok?? :D
It will have a 18+ mature content so if you can't view it notice me so I can note it to you.
Follow me at :
(English) :
(German) :

Read the story here :
Chapter 1

It was around 1700 in the region later called “Germany” as we know today. Principalities ruled over the people and the country. Your father was a soldier and during the war he got lost and you never saw him again. Because of that your mother followed him into death out of sadness several years after. When she died you were 12. That was 8 years ago.
:icontana-jo:TaNa-Jo 65 12
Chillin' as Germany by deathnote168 Chillin' as Germany :icondeathnote168:deathnote168 22 16 Sexy England 2- APH by deathnote168 Sexy England 2- APH :icondeathnote168:deathnote168 74 69 Sexy England- APH by deathnote168 Sexy England- APH :icondeathnote168:deathnote168 23 17
The Kings Who Speculate- Chapter One
                 My sister loved him. More than me, life, and all of existence.  I did more than I could to please my sister, my sister did good, and if I didn't listen, I'd be a cruel act on mankind. Two kinds of problems dawned, for one, my sister was in love with a prince, or dare I say, Tsarevich. The second one was that it was a game of life and death, and she was waltzing on the blade's edge. Although, when together, they could rule the world and all it's simple creatures: all whom want a voice, a freedom, one way to be heard and be atop the throne of kings as well; as if they were to kneel beneath God's feet and join along with him in a splendor of watching his creations. But, if they all ruled, who would they watch? Was I the only one holding back the madness in a cluster of war and rivalry?
:iconfoxsnout45:Foxsnout45 1 2
Summer in White: Alexei Fanfic
April 7, 1917
     The garden is really quite lovely this time of summer, but seeing is not the only way to master it, one must feel it. This garden is where I escape to in the midst of troubling stress. I layed with my out stretched arms grasping for warm, sunlit air. My long, golden locks were gleaming in the sun, sparkling like a river of copper and gold. My fair skin complemented my whole look, along with my naturally pink cheeks. I was beautiful, but to my more loved and famous sisters, Sonya and Annette, I was a 'pig in a puddle'. They both had gloriously brown hair, which was in style at the time, Olive skin and dark brown, almost black eyes that were complemented by long dark eyelashes. They were very beautiful, but when they opened their mouths, they wouldn't close them. They would chat for hours, which is one of the reasons I'm enjoying my isolation. It was broken when Sonya came running into to the garden chasing our little brother Arseny (А
:iconfoxsnout45:Foxsnout45 9 31
2p Russia by APH1P2PHetalia 2p Russia :iconaph1p2phetalia:APH1P2PHetalia 1 0 2p England by APH1P2PHetalia 2p England :iconaph1p2phetalia:APH1P2PHetalia 2 0 Grell by APH1P2PHetalia Grell :iconaph1p2phetalia:APH1P2PHetalia 1 0 Ciel by APH1P2PHetalia Ciel :iconaph1p2phetalia:APH1P2PHetalia 1 0 Russia by APH1P2PHetalia Russia :iconaph1p2phetalia:APH1P2PHetalia 3 0


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